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Source Four XT. Take your Source Four outdoors.

Take it outside!

Source Four spotlight performance for all-weather use.

Finally, an outdoor Source Four.
The wait is over. ETC introduces a much-anticipated new member to the popular Source Four lighting-fixture family: the Source Four XT, for exterior spotlighting use.  The acclaimed operational benefits you love in Source Fours -- optical acuity, more light output and energy savings -- in a dust-tight, waterproof housing created specifically for all-weather use. The Source Four XT's rugged industrial design, coupled with a 12,000-hour, 150W high-intensity-discharge source lamp, make it ideal for long-term use outside, anywhere.

Braving the elements with brilliant light.

Durable housing and mechanics plus Source Four optical punch.

Great looks and great performance.
The Source Four XT looks different from other Source Fours and other spotlights for good reason: its sleek tube-like housing, built from die-cast and extruded aluminum with stainless-steel fittings, make it more impervious to the elements. This is no indoor spotlight modified to work outdoors. This is a sealed, self-contained fixture. No bulky cases, add-ons or unwieldy enclosures. And unlike other outdoor framing projectors, XT was designed to be aesthetically neutral to blend elegantly and unobtrusively into any location (standard colors are bronze, black or white). IP65 rated, the Source Four XT is the spotlight of choice for wet-location, exposed architectural installations, entertainment venues, themed environments, and far more.

Going the distances with Zoom flexibility.
Engineered to be used across a variety of long-throw situations, the Source Four XT employs the same 15° to 30° optical system as ETC's popular Source Four Zoom. And, like other Source Fours, the Source Four XT employs standard Source Four size A or B patterns and dichroic color. With its built-in shutters, XT is ideal for framing architectural detail, highlighting signage, and projecting patterns. Hang it by a yoke, place it on the ground or attach it to poles or to other structures -- XT offers convenient mounting options.

Low-maintenance outdoor spotlighting

The Source XT is designed for long-throws and the long haul.

High beam but not high maintenance.
The Source Four XT was engineered from the outset to minimize maintenance and tech time spent working outdoors in inclement weather. Easy access through the back of the fixture means that technicians can quickly re-lamp the XT without breaking its focus. The fixture's ballast is also deliberately separate for cooler operation and fewer installation hassles. And Source Four XT's ceramic metal-halide, high-intensity discharge source means long lamp life, less labor on replacement, plus great color rendering and color maintenance.

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