Selador Desire LED luminaires

Desire D40, D40XT and D60

Why you'll love Desire

Quality of light

No more digitized lighting. LED light does not have to be ugly.

LEDs have changed the lighting world forever, but don’t let them disrupt the quality of your lighting. ETC designed the Desire line of fixtures to integrate seamlessly into your designs. We focused on creating the most beautiful colored and white lighting, and made specialized LED fixtures for each specific lighting task.

Fixture design

ETC Selador Desire luminaires adapt to your design.

Whether they’re working out in the pouring rain to highlight the architecture of a building or sitting on the floor of a ballroom and washing the wall with striking color, the Desire line’s features have your unique needs covered.


The Desire line brings the LED luminaire under your control.

The electronics package built into every Desire fixture makes it easy for any designer to light with LED luminaires. ETC takes care of the details, allowing you to focus on the art of lighting.

Where to use Desire


Low-power LED lighting that brings architecture to life.

Lighting for architecture spans a range of applications and requires the highest-quality fixtures that not only produce spectacular lighting but also don’t detract from the venue’s aesthetics. Desire luminaires meet the requirements of architectural lighting and include seven LED color mixes – Vivid, Lustr+, Fire, Ice, and three white-light models – to suit your installation. All of the Desire fixtures are available as indoor models or IP65-rated outdoor versions.


LED lighting that enhances the art while reducing energy use.

In the past, theatrical lighting designers avoided LEDs because their color was so unnatural, and brightness was lost over long throws. ETC solves that problem with theatrical-quality Selador Desire LED luminaires, whose secret is the x7 Color System, which calibrates white and colored lighting to look at home on stage and blend seamlessly with the other fixtures on your rig. Desire luminaires solve the demands of daily theater work, with an entire line of products to choose from.


Efficient white lighting ready for its close up.

Broadcast lighting designers require the purest white light that looks great on camera. ETC’s Desire Studio LED luminaires can replace HMI, tungsten and inefficient fluorescent fixtures. With three variations – Studio HD, Studio Tungsten and Studio Daylight – there is a luminaire for every application, indoors or outdoors. The Studio fixtures produce a higher light output than traditional LED units, and accommodate accessories. Lighting designers have a new tool for simplifying broadcast work.

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